What Do Parents Say?

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Such an amazing dance and performing arts school! Best teachers and a truly inspirational principal. Boosted my confidence as a performer and had so many amazing opportunities through this school! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone that has a love for dance and performing!
Emily Joy, Student

Centre Stage is a fabulous school-experienced a few locally but, look no further, this place is brilliant! So many opportunities available to ALL pupils alongside their classes & there is very much a ‘family’ feel. Miss Zoe & her team are really very lovely. Join up ASAP!!
Melanie Barnett, Parent

My daughter started dancing at Centre Stage in 2011 doing ballet first and tap & modern in 2012. As we have never been to any other dance schools, we weren’t sure what to expect,but Lili has blossomed under Miss Zoe’s wings and passed her first ballet exam with flying colours. She loves every minute of her classes and cannot wait to go to them. I can thoroughly recommend Centre Stage to anyone whose child shows interest in dancing. Miss Zoe is extremely welcoming, friendly, approachable and a very talented teacher. All her pupils love her and look up to her. She arranges lots of different activities during the year and Lili is looking forward to going to Summer School again, which she loved last year.
Timi Good, Parent

My daughter joined Centre Stage in January 2012 at the age of 14.  In the time that she has been with Zoe I have seen her mature as a dancer and as a person.  Emily has responded to Zoe’s calm, confident manner.  Whatever Zoe has asked of Emily, she has given it her best effort and consequently achieved the desired effect.   I can thoroughly recommend Centre Stage.  All the staff, whether performing arts or dance, are so enthusiastic and caring that Emily looks forward to all her lessons – there is never a question of her wanting to skip a session.   Before Centre Stage, Emily had become despondent and was on the point of giving up dance.   Moving was the best decision we made.  Zoe and her staff are absolute gems – inspirational and energetic. The sort of people I have always dreamt about but never actually believed I would ever meet.
Claire Ambler, Parent

My daughter Freya started at Centre Stage when it first opened aged 3 years and she started with ballet and absolutely loved it. So when Zoe started doing Preforming Arts I wasn’t hesitant to put her into this class and all I can say is I don’t think any child will not enjoy this class. Zoe and her team are fantastic, enthusiastic and just amazing with the children. Freya just loves Miss Zoe and she has a natural flair with the children. Freya is now five and had three parts in the Christmas show (which was Peter Pan) and it was just magical. I was such a proud Mummy of Freya as she has gained such confidence and has already told me she wants to be in another show next year! I tried two other dance schools before I found Centre Stage and I can promise that if there are any mothers looking into starting their sons or daughters in a dance school you will not be disappointed in Centre Stage. I’m just about to start my second daughter Myah aged 2 and a half into the toddler ballet class next term!
Amber Wheeler, Parent

Initially I had one daughter join the Performing Arts class when it started, but then I realised how well organised and inspiring the classes were it was only natural to let all three of my daughters be given the same valuable tuition by Zoe and her staff. Italia was so inspired that she joined Ballet and will be starting Modern Theatre in January. The girls have also expressed an interest in commencing the Lamda classes.We have seen our children and the children of other families grow in confidence. Their ability to perform such beautiful dance routines, sing solo when necessary or as a group, and act so convincingly after such a short space of time never fails to amaze us, especially considering my girls were not the most confident performers when they started.

The highlight of their time with Zoe has got to be performing Peter Pan at The Barrington Theatre in Ferndown. Every child put their heart and soul into their performance and Zoe should be accoladed for all the time and effort she put into getting it just right and for staging such a successful show. My girls were given a valuable insight into the world of musical theatre and ballet, they really didn’t want it to end! The children love and respect Miss Zoe, she is approachable and kind, but she is also a perfectionist and this shows most when you see your child perform up on that stage. Thank you Zoe and Centre Stage, long may your success go on.
Nahid Ponticorvo, Parent

Coming from another dance school, Adriana started at Centre Stage a shy and not particularly confident dancer, in the year and a half since her first dance class, she has come on leaps and bounds and has completely come out of her shell. She has choreographed and danced her own dance on her own in the talent show last year, something she would never have done 2 years ago.  She loves attending the workshops and is looking forward to her 3rd summer school this year.  She has also taken her grade 2 ballet exam with brilliant results.  Her favourite subject has to be tap, she is always practising in the kitchen, she would go dancing every night if she could. Adriana has grown and become more confident because of Zoes’ passion and commitment to teaching, she has a natural way with children and it is clear to see from helping and watching the recent show rehearsals that they all adore her.
Charis Thompson, Parent

I wasn’t sure about my daughter doing something as formal as ballet, which I perceived to inhibit personal expression, but how wrong could I have been? Under Miss Zoe’s passionate, professional tutelage Gracie has found something quite extraordinary. She absolutely thrives in the ‘zone’ Miss Zoe creates. Gracie is inspired and her natural expression has been captured and enhanced in beautifully crafted and disciplined dance. Her confidence and poise has developed significantly with the encouragement, belief and focus given to her. Miss Zoe is one of those truly rare teachers you believe only exist in films.
Diana Parkes, Parent

My daughters had both done ballet classes before at different schools and quickly became bored with the whole thing. They love dancing and all the freedom and expression that comes with dancing. Through Zoe’s enthusiasm, skill and creative approach to ballet, both girls have thoroughly enjoyed ballet. My youngest daughter loved the props used such as feathers and wands and they relished the fact that they knew all the technical terms for the ballet moves. Zoe is a complete natural teacher of children, she is inclusive of all and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious! You know your child is in safe hands with someone who will nurture their talent whatever the level and improve their confidence.
Melissa Hardy, Parent

My daughter started Centre Stage at 2 ½ years old. She loved it from her first session – the enthusiasm and dedication of Miss Zoe and her wonderful staff most definitely rubs off on the students. My daughter is now 3 and is desperate to go to ballet and wishes every afternoon is Thursday when her class is! …… and the little shows she puts on for us at home are priceless!! I would recommend Centre Stage to any parent its fab.
Zani Mullen, Parent

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Centre Stage for the wonderful performance that you put on at the end of the summer term. I have to say that it was truly amazing and inspiring to watch my children, alongside their friends, performing great songs, brilliant dances and engaging dramatic pieces. Undoubtedly, the thing that makes Centre Stage so special is the staff and their commitment to bring out the best in every child. They are always well organised and there to greet the children with a smile. The girls tell me about every class, where it seems there is a fantastic balance of having fun and hard work and this leads to happy, confident children, great performances and very proud parents. Thank you for all the effort, hard work and opportunities that you offer my children. Keep it up, you have a success story.
Kim Rickford, Parent

My Daughter has been with Centre Stage from the start and absolutely loves it. Her confidence has come on immensely. Thank you Miss Zoe and the rest of the team . 
Kate Robbins-Wood, Parent

My daughter has been attending ballet for just over a year now and absolutely loves it. She is a very shy girl and Miss Zoe was incredibly patient with her, as although Esme wanted to join she found it very hard at first. She is now desperate for it to be ‘ballet day’ and is also starting performing arts. Over the last year I have watched her grow in confidence and this is a result of Miss Zoe’s fantastic support, we can’t thank her enough. All the staff are so caring and you can see that they truly care about every child. I can’t wait to enrol my son in the performing arts as soon as he is old enough.
Mandy Johnson, Parent

Mia has only been attending ballet with Miss Zoe for a term, but I can honestly say she loves every lesson and looks forward to each Tuesday. Mia’s confidence has grown and she finds the class really friendly. Once she has fully settled we will look at starting more lessons as she is already wanting to start tap.. Highly recommend Centre Stage to any parent wanting to start their child in ballet classes.
Michelle Dykes, Parent

My daughter has been attending Performing Arts on a Saturday for over a year now and she started Ballet four months ago. Since joining she has really come out of her shell and grown in herself. The teachers are all amazing, Isobel comes home buzzing about one of them each week. They are all extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Miss Zoe is a real gem. An absolute superstar who treats all the kids like they are her own and they all love her. They also did a big production of Alice in Wonderland, which the whole school was involved in, which was superb to watch. The show was the reason Izzy started Ballet, as she wanted to dance like the seniors. I look forward to bringing Izzy her for many mor years to come. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Amy Padley, Parent

My daughter has been part of the Centre Stage family for the last 3 years. She started ballet at 2 &1/2 & since then has also joined performing arts classes when she started school at 4. I can honestly say it has been worth every penny. She cannot wait for her classes each week & has made so many new friends. She loves all of the older girls who are great role models to her. I had underestimated how much she would benefit from this social aspect of the school. I have particularly seen her grow in confidence in performing arts where she has been involved in the company performance of Alice in Wonderland, the Christmas choir performing at two different venues & the Christmas showcase. I am amazed at the opportunities she is being given & am one very proud mummy! There is no pressure to be involved in the shows etc & I can honestly say my daughter has been involved because she wants to & asks to. The school is like a family. The teachers look after the children like their own & I can honestly say all of the parents are proud of each & every one of the students. They are amazing! Thankyou Miss Zoe & all your team for your dedicated time, love & support of our children. I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring for you all. X X X
Tracy Santoni, Parent

Lucas has been with Centre Stage for over a year and loves his performing arts class. And has just started pure voice which he looks forward to every week. Thank you to Miss Zoe and all her fab staff.
Emma Harpham, Parent

I just can’t praise Centre Stage highly enough. My daughter joined the school for Ballet lessons 4 years ago and loved it so much she now does Ballet, Tap, Modern, Performing Arts AND Pure Voice – she just can’t get enough!
The teaching staff are passionate and enthusiastic and highly experienced. The school has found that magic balance between maintaining an incredibly high standard and enjoyment/fun. The exam results are spectacular, as the school really knows how to draw out the best from the students without them feeling like they are being pushed.
My daughter’s confidence has grown so much since joining Centre Stage family. Every student feels valued and encouraged – you should definitely try Centre Stage!
Marina Tucker, Parent


I just felt that I needed to write to you share how I felt after the weekend. I’m a busy Mummy who wants always to accommodate my daughters interests and, as you know, she has her Saturdays and Wednesdays assigned to Ballet & Rubys. I’ve taken her as much as is viable and, if I’m honest, not really given it any more thought than it’s a fun hobby for Grace.

However, when i saw your performance at the weekend, and I saw a couple, I was entirely overwhelmed. Firstly, by the quality of the performances, the music and the costumes but, more personally, by watching my little girl come alive on a great big stage in front of all those people. Grace is a happy girl but I have never seen her so elated or with a smile so big.

She came back every day so enthused and filled with passion for what she had done.

I will always be grateful, as a Mummy, for the experience that I was privileged to share, watching her in the show and also watching her reaction to the speeches.

It is evident how much the children think of you and your staff and how proud they make you. It has left a mark on me and changed my outlook on Grace’s time spent on a Wednesday and Saturday.

So, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank You for all faith in the children and Thank You for your understanding when us Mummy’s sometimes can’t quite juggle everything.

I hope you are getting a well deserved rest. Grace has not stopped singing ‘Finding Wonderland’ so you may find it comes with her on Weds- sorry!
Lara Watson, Parent

 I just wanted to congratulate you on the most AMAZING show. You brought
out the best in every single child. You must be feeling so proud. A year ago we would never have got Josie on the stage and I just wanted thank you for all your encouragement and inspiration. A real milestone in confidence for her. Big big thanks. 
Jane Kilpatrick, Parent

Just wanted to congratulate you and your colleagues for a truly amazing show, really entertaining and wonderful dancing & singing. Hannah, Daisy and I were singing “If my friends could see me now,,,” at the top of our voices all the way to school this morning (our favourite song from the show!) Hannah wants to do it all again! 
Karina Clough, Parent

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU from all of our family for your phenomenal efforts in the run up to and over the weekend. We managed to have at least two family members watching the performances, all were supremely impressed with the professionalism, costumes, dancing, singing, acting and all round amazingness of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! We all obviously (v. biased!!) loved Izzy¹s dance solo the best – she was fabulous, shone like a star and thoroughly loved every minute of it!
Thank you all again, you must all be exhausted this week, but believe me it was well worth it!
Liz Orme