Not all students wish to follow a syllabus or examination process and our Award-Winning Performing Arts (dance, acting and singing) training offers an inspirational platform to master the art of singing, dancing and acting within a musical theatre and contemporary performance framework.

Students are allocated to one of five talented companies recruited by age and which are all carefully planned against an inspiring, challenging and rewarding repertoire of work. These Companies are:

The Sapphire Company (for students in Reception Year and Year 1)

The Emerald Company (for students in Years 2 & 3)

The Amethyst Company (for students in Years 4 – 6)

The Diamond Company (for students in Years 7 – 9)

The Platinum Company (for students in Years 10 – 12)

Students can opt to undertake a Musical Theatre or Acting Examination with the London Academy of Dramatic Arts, examined by a professional Examiner from the Academy. The school holds annual sessions for those students wanting to gain this qualification.

Our performing arts companies are renowned for their level of professionalism, talent and energy, attracting interest from across the community and professionals in the field.

Performances are vibrant, dynamic and enriched with technique and our students always capture and entertain their audience.

The performance opportunities are simply endless ranging from entertaining local shoppers, singing alongside stars of pantomimes and competing in both local and regional competitions in which the school has gained numerous prizes for both dance and singing performances.

Students also perform at professional theatres such as Sadlers Wells, Her Majesty’s Theatre, the O2 Arena and The Royal Albert Hall, to names a few!

At the end of each term all our performing arts students perform to an audience of friends and parents to showcase their terms work. Our performing arts students also play a large part in contributing to our biannual show which takes place at Poole Lighthouse.