Centre Stage follows the Imperial Society of teachers of Dance Modern Theatre and syllabus, renowned for being one of the worlds leading dance examination boards. Classes taught are delivered by fully qualified registered teachers with the ISTD and who are highly experienced.

Students can undertake their Modern Theatre examinations marked by a visiting examiner from the society, who has been recruited and trained by the ISTD. The school is privileged to hold its own examination sessions throughout the year and has visiting examiners from across the country to mark the students.

Children from aged 5 and above are eligible to train in Modern Theatre, beginning at Primary level. The graded system builds up progressively ensuring that the steps and skills that are first explored and learned at the lower levels, prepare students for the more complex movements at higher levels.


Grades 1 – 6


Our Modern Theatre classes explore a sense of poise, stance, body control and co-ordination, timing and musical interpretation/ awareness, expression and quality of movement and sense of line. Students are encouraged to shape movement into an artistic form of expression building sound technique.

Classes run between 30 and 45 minutes once a week.