Our Acrobatic Arts provision at the school, is taught by certified Acrobatic Arts teachers, who maintain an outstanding level of professionalism, ensure safe practice at all times and who use state of the art equipment to enhance student learning.

Centre Stage is an official AcroPAD Centre and a Certified UK Acrobatic Arts studio, attracting a staggering 150 children who train once a week with the school.

The core lessons are centred around the four fundamental components of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus: balancing, flexibility, strengthening and tumbling; which are then fused with dynamic choreography to challenge our Acro students to reach their personal ‘acro’ best. Our state-of-the-art AirTrack and professional mats provide a soft and safe environment and, along with wedges, balance boards, air roller and handspring trainer, allow students to explore all of these components. We also have two T2K Air Bounce Boards, that provides an inflatable springboard for vault and rebound stations and is suited to all levels.

The curriculum is comprised of twelve levels with clearly defined progressions and provides an option for students to undertake the examination.

The overall goal of our Acro provision is to create a flexible, strong, balanced acrobat, who can execute fundamental tumbling skills, handstands, cartwheels, bridges and balances with back flexibility, then progress into more complex skills and movements, like back walkovers, chest stands, back handsprings, scorpions and aerials

Our Acro students perform in our full-scale bi-annual show at The Lighthouse theatre, showcasing an array of vibrant, challenging and impressive Acro choreography, which celebrates all of the skills they have mastered. This is a wonderful experience for everyone involved!