Primary Modern Theatre

Primary Modern Theatre
Primary Modern Theatre

Students can begin learning Modern Theatre at the age of 5 at the school at Primary level, where the class incorporates exciting musical instruments and props to aid in the learning criteria. The musical score is fun and interactive, encouraging a wonderful sense of performance, character and communication.

Students have the chance to take their Examination at this level and are taken in the form of a class conducted by the teacher. The Teacher is there to offer reassurance and encouragement. Each student receives a report form, which will denote the achievement gained.

At Primary Level, the class is deigned to focus on syllabus settings that explore:

* Walking, running and jumping

* Limbering

* Use of the feet

* Making shapes

* Using the arms creatively

* Rhythmic responses using instruments

* Galloping and skipping

* Balancing

* Bouncing

* Amalgamation (short dances)

* Awareness of the body

* Communication, expression and style

Students are trained to be examined on:

* Response and knowledge of syllabus

* Poise and stance

* Body control and co -ordination

* Timing and musical awareness

* Expression and quality of movement

* Set Amalgamation

Parents are invited once a term to watch a class is action as we feel it’s important to see students’ progression and level of engagement and enjoyment in the class. This is a wonderful experience for parents and a lovely end to each term.

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