Peter Pan Testimonials

Peter Pan Testimonials
Peter Pan Testimonials
Peter Pan Testimonials
Peter Pan Testimonials

“We really enjoyed Peter Pan, the children all performed with such confidence and ability it was beautiful to see.  It was particularly nice to see how good the older students were with younger members of the team.  I know that my daughter in Emeralds has said she wants to stay until Platinums so she can be a main part like the older students.  It is obvious that the students at centrestage inspire as much as the teachers.”
Cordelia Skinner

“From a parent point of view, the show was incredible – very professional and a joy to watch, especially seeing how all the kids have developed over time. From a child point of view, when your kid says ‘this is going to be the best day of my life’ when the day of the show finally arrives, you can’t ask much more than that!”
Charlotte Norman

“This was Hattie’s second show and she absolutely loved every minute of it! We all loved watching (and me helping) and thank you so much for letting us be part of CS brilliance. The costumes, stage, dancing and acting were all superb! Roll on next one!”
Suzy Brazier

“Heartfelt thanks for a truly wonderful show yesterday! You surpassed yourselves! So uplifting, joyful, moving and awe inspiring. The costumes were superb, as were the pyrotechnics and canon of confetti.
The standard of performance was superb and Daniella thoroughly enjoyed the whole process”

Tracey Wolffe

“Such a fantastic production from start to finish. My daughter adored being a part of it and was visibly so proud and happy up on the stage! We can’t thank you enough as parents….a wonderful experience for all.”
Kelly Marsden

“Thank you for such a glorious show! We absolutely loved being a part of it – helping back stage (such a beautifully professional outfit & so calm & enthusiastic), watching Liberty’s excitement grow over the last few weeks, and watching the show. We are all so proud to be a part of it & think you & your team are incredible. Well done & thank you.”
Dulcie Batt

“Firstly huge congratulations, what an absolutely amazing show! We are still on a high from it all. Everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives with such energy and enthusiasm coming from all the performers.  You must be so incredibly proud. On a personal note, I cannot thank you and your wonderful team enough for encouraging Abby to develop the huge passion she has for the stage and performance.”
Nikki Grindey

“What you, Laura and the whole team managed to pull off was extremely ambitious and a 100% a success in the eyes of all who took part (my two were nursery clowns and are still buzzing from the experience) and all who attended. Revel in the success… how proud you should be. We appreciate you, we see you and we celebrate you. Congratulations x “
Ann Hughes

“Peter Pan 2022 really was an amazing show, bulging with many talented children, some of which have grown with Centre Stage from the very beginning. The fact that Miss Zoe had a baby and maternity leave within the same school year of creating such a show was something quite special. Both Miss Zoe & Miss Laura created a very magical and spectacular show……as always.”
Charlotte Rees