Our singing teachers are highly experienced having taught in top colleges in London such as Italia Conti, Mount view, Jigsaw Arts, East 15 Acting and Pineapple Studios to name a few. In addition to this, our classes offer students the privilege of being taught by teachers who have sung professionally in London.

The classes comprise of a carefully chosen repertoire of work designed specifically for the student after a detailed initial assessment. The curriculum chosen is then designed to meet each student’s objectives – focusing on breathing, posture, tone, pitch, projection, range, expression and a sense of performance.

Teachers ensure the repertoire of songs chosen remain diverse in style and tempo to showcase the student’s versatility as a performer.

Pure Voice students can choose to undertake a singing examination with the London College of Music gaining a professional Certificate.

Exploration of repertoire, we believe is key to help singers embrace their own personal interests and aspirations; which in turn helps to master the necessary balance between the skill of performing and supporting knowledge and understanding of the work. This means our students are creatively challenged both technically and artistically. At Centre Stage, we want to creative confident singers who are technically sound in both their vocal and performance ability.

Training focuses specifically on:

  • Tuning
  • Development of a natural core range
  • Use of breadth and technique
  • Projection, pronunciation and word emphasis
  • Use of expression and performance
  • Tone and vocal variety
  • Postural alignment and stance

Classes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and are open to children aged 5 and above.

Our Pure voice students also have the opportunity to appear in external and seasonal events and record a personalised singing album in a professional recording studio annually. In addition to this, Pure Voice students host the school’s Christmas Concert showcasing all of the work achieved within the year for both students and parents to enjoy.

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Our Principal: Zoë Mather

Our Principal: Zoë Mather
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