Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance

(Age 5-6)

Our Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance RAD classes are for children aged 4-5 and 5-6 years of age respectively. At this level the core foundations of ballet are explored, preparing students for the transition to graded ballet at a higher level.

Props are very much an integral part of training at this level to help with not only students’ enjoyment of learning but to assist in the technique and performance criteria. Our classes incorporate vibrant feathers, princess wands, character puppets, hula-hoops, crowns, flags, scarves, ribbons and dressing up boxes to name a few!

Students explore set syllabus settings; made up of dynamic and fun exercises and dances to an enchanting musical score, which they can they perform in front of a visiting examiner from the RAD to obtain a Certificate and Medal within either an examination or class award (teacher present) setting.

On successful completion of a course of study based on Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance, students, through participation and practice, will be able to

* articulate parts of the body

* demonstrate awareness of positions of the body

* perform with an awareness of space

* demonstrate control

* demonstrate co-ordination

* demonstrate elevation

* demonstrate use of appropriate movement dynamics

* respond to the elements of music

* perform expressively

* perform a sequence of simple steps to depict a story

* confidently recall the settings.

Parents are invited once a term to watch a class is action as we feel it’s important to see students’ progression and level of engagement and enjoyment in the class. This is a wonderful experience for parents and a lovely end to each term.

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