Our Vocational Tap Dance classes begins at Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced 2 level. Students are trained in a more intense learning environment, to stretch and challenge their expertise in preparation for either a professional dance career or further training as a dance teacher.

Students are required to be fully committed at this level, with an intensified focus on safe dance practice; training between 45 – 60 minutes per week and often engage in further independent training at home where self-motivation and discipline is key.

Classes are focused on developing and training the student to become highly versatile in their level of performance and communication; with a sound underpinning of the knowledge and understanding of the Modern

Theatre genre. The class demands a committed, motivated and mature approach, which is far greater than the graded examinations.

Students will be examined by a visiting Examiner from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. The Vocational Graded Examinations are regulated qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Intermediate Foundation is located at Level 2;Intermediate is located at Level 3; and Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 are located at Level 4.


The syllabus objectives of the Tap Dance Vocational Graded Examinations are to:

·  teach correct posture

·  develop a thoroughly comprehensive tap technique

·  develop the use of tone

·  promote understanding and use of dance terminology

·  develop the sense of line through arms, body and head

·  promote understanding of rhythm and its development

·  promote appreciation of varying musical styles and their interpretation

·  develop awareness of the use of space

·  develop awareness of audience with a sense of performance

·  encourage an artistic sense of self expression

·  encourage creative use of rhythm and movement

·  promote self-confidence in the performance of a solo

Parents are invited once a term to watch a class is action as we feel it’s important to see students’ progression and level of engagement and enjoyment in the class. This is a wonderful experience for parents and a lovely end to each term.

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Our Principal: Zoë Mather

Our Principal: Zoë Mather
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